photo by crystal allen

photo by crystal allen



The Sex-Positive Social Club (SPSC) provides events, education, and dialogue for those interested in exploring progressive sexual ideals in a judgment-free community.



  • Advancing the belief that sex is about more than procreation — much more. Personal pleasure, heightened intimacy, emotional and spiritual growth … these things matter.

  • Destigmatizing less-traditional relationship dynamics, including non-monogamy and other consensual sexual activities.

  • Sustaining meaningful dialogue around issues of safety, consent, and respect. An open and inclusive sex education community means stronger relationships, increased confidence, and better health.

  • Celebrating boundaries. For some, sex positivity means redefining our own limits regarding physical intimacy. For everyone, it means respecting the boundaries of others, no exceptions.

  • Learning to love and appreciate our bodies in the face of a cultural fixation on body shaming. We don’t all look like underwear models. So what?

  • Bringing together like-minded people for parties, workshops, lectures, getaways, and more.